Hector is an eccentric yet irresistible psychiatrist in crisis: his patients are just not getting any happier. He’s going nowhere. Then one day, armed with buckets of courage and an almost child-like curiosity, Hector breaks out of his sheltered vacuum of a life into a global quest to find out what makes people happy. Indeed, what might make Hector himself happy! Thus begins an exotic, dangerous and hysterical journey!


GENRE: Comedy
DIRECTOR: Peter Chelsom
WRITER: Maria von Heland and Peter Chelsom &
Tinker Lindsay, based on the novel by François Lelord
CAST: Simon Pegg, Toni Collette, Rosamund Pike,
Stellan Skarsgård, Jean Reno, Veronica Ferres,
Barry Atsma, Christopher Plummer
PRODUCERS: Egoli Tossell Film, Screen Siren Pictures, 
Erfttal Film & Fernsehproduktion
CO-PRODUCERS: Wild Bunch Germany, Construction Film
IN ASSOCIATION WITH: Film House Germany,
Head Gear Films
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