The moving story of German-born basketball coach Max Stoller who became a national hero in Israel when he won the European Championship with Maccabi Tel Aviv in the 70s. And was then branded a traitor for accepting the job of turning the hopeless West German national team into olympic contenders. Which he achieved a triumph. But Germany is no longer his Heimat. Drawn to his shadowy past, Max discovers what happened to his family in the 1940s – it is not what he had expected.


GENRE: Drama
DIRECTOR: Eran Riklis
WRITER: David Akerman, Gidon Maron, Eran Riklis,
Max Riemelt, Hanns Zischler
CAST: Danny Huston, Amira Casar, Mark Waschke
PRODUCERS: Egoli Tossell Film, Fidélité Films, Topia Communications

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