Judy TossellProducer, Egoli Tossell

Born in Wiltshire, England, in 1966, Judy Tossell studied Classics at Balliol College, Oxford University, before moving to Berlin, Germany, in 1989. After working as a freelance journalist, Judy joined the Berlin based film production company Regina Ziegler Filmproduktion, where she served as Associate Producer on productions such as the international film series Erotic Tales (with films by Susan Seidelman, Bob Rafelson and Melvin van Peebles). In 1996, Judy founded her own independent company, Tossell Pictures, as a production platform for a group of talented young Berlin-based filmmakers. Following the successful completion of award-winning shorts and feature films, her production company merged with Jens Meurer’s Egoli Films GMBH in 2001 to form Egoli Tossell Film.

Jens MeurerProducer, Egoli Tossell

Berlin-based producer and filmmaker Jens Meurer has always worked internationally, starting in the Soviet Union in 1989, and (co-)producing in almost every European territory, as well as the US, Africa and China.

His feature films include the Oscar-nominated THE LAST STATION, Paul Verhoeven’s BLACK BOOK, RUSSIAN ARK and the critically acclaimed CARLOS, which received a Golden Globe in 2011. His recent productions are Irvine Welsh’s FILTH, with James McAvoy and Jamie Bell, Ron Howard’s glamorous racing drama RUSH and medieval thriller BLACK DEATH, starring Sean Bean. BIG GAME, starring Samuel L. Jackson and directed by Jalmari Helander, will be released in 2015. Jens is currently co-producing Atom Egoyan’s REMEMBER, starring Christopher Plummer in their third collaboration, and working on MANDELA’S CHILDREN – Nelson Mandela’s last ever filmed interview, with his 22 grandchildren. Next up is IVANHOE, with the extraordinary team of Jon Baird (director) and Irvine Welsh (writer) behind the camera.